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A Book Reccomendation for Scorpio Moons Community

My room mate who is also coincidentally a Lunar Scorp lent me a book from her library today called:

"The Book of Scorpio: An Enchiridion" by Dr. N. K. Oo

ISBN: 1-56313-639-2
published by Brown Trout in 1995

It's a very short book, less than a 100 pages, and easy to read in a day. The topic is Scorpio in general but it is not in any way trite or generic. We all know we are sexy and have magentic eyes and crap like that, but this book goes far deeper. It is actually scary how accurate it is.


[...A feeling or a disease is in us, because we feel it, but it is not us, because we do not will it. Action defines the individual, not passions. Passions, as things that happen to you, although in you, are merely temporary and nonessential, like diseases. No one is proud of himself for feeling hungry. No one congratulates ... Yet it is the same with these as with other feelings-- it is something happening to you, not something you are doing, that you are priding yourself on.]

[Many of us do so by making up stories of ourselves, by projecting a narrative structure onto experience in order to organize it and moderate its extremes. We cling to our self-stories like a drowning sailor to is spar, not only because they provide a principle of individuation that makes us different from others, but because they confer a principle of identity that keeps us the same all through. "Yes," someone says. "When I was young I realized --" and follows up with a myth of his own life, suprisingly linear and directional, very tidy, selective, and coherent. ]
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