thirteenthstep (thirteenthstep) wrote in scorpio_moons,

another scorpio moon

hello. i, too, have a scorpio moon.

it's conjunct jupiter in scorpio, conjunct pluto in libra, opposite venus in taurus, sextile neptune in sagittarius, making a couple of semisextiles, and trine my cancer midheaven. uh, in other words, it's "heavily" aspected. in my 1st house, no less! my ascendant is libra.

i can't hide my emotional states worth shit, even if i don't actually know what it is i'm "feeling" (which is most of the time). i'm blunt, i'm secretive, i'm opinionated, i'm not much for trusting anyone or anything. but at the same time, i joke around a lot, i'm very sensitive, and i can understand/know people almost immediately upon meeting them. i scare the crap out of emotionally weaker, less "brave", insecure types of people who feel like they need to rely on others in order to know where to go or what to do. most people like me, though maybe because they have no choice. ha-ha?

i find that i hate everything the first time i try it, but whatever i do eventually decide i like, i become obsessed with until i'm incredibly SICK of it... at which point, i completely abstain from it. this goes for all sorts of things, but it's especially noticable with food and music. most of my little obsessions come and go pretty quickly, though, so it's hard for me to tell what i actually like all of the time.

... how about you guys?
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