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Scorpio Moon eating habits

Hi! New here to the community. I'm Kit. Libra Sun, Scorpio Moon, & Sag Rising. I feel like Scorpio Moon & Sag rising regularly run roughshod over my poor Libra Sun. :3

i just thought I'd share this little article and see if y'all agree on the eating habits of Scorpio Moons. (The article fit me to such a T, it was scary.)


Moon Sign Food Profiles

By Donna Cunningham, for

If Scorpio is the Moon sign for you or someone you care for, here are some observations to help you understand the food patterns typical of this sign and, if need be, to modify or optimize them. If these descriptions don't seem to fit, the answer may be in aspects (angles) other planets form to the Moon in the birth chart. For more details on aspects, see the explanation at the end of this section.

EATING PATTERNS FOR MOON IN SCORPIO: This sign is one of extremes, so Moon in Scorpio people can fall into either extreme of the spectrum--overweight or underweight. If you share this intense and emotional sign, your approach to food is typically a reflection of the major issues you wrestling with. If times are tough for you, either financially or in your personal life, eating can be a tempting outlet, the source of a much needed sense of comfort and security. If emotions are at a peak, food may be your buffer against those emotional storms. (If food is your buffer, stay away from buffets!!)

Scorpio Moons at the other end of the spectrum may find it impossible to eat at all in the midst of an emotional hurricane. Since eating is such a multi-layered response to life's troubles, natives of your sign can be prone to eating disorders, and your weight may fluctuate dramatically as circumstances change.

More of the article here: -->
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