overintrospect (overintrospect) wrote in scorpio_moons,


Well, this place hasn't been active in awhile, but that's okay.

Just another lone Scorpio sun...and Scorpio Moon.

Twice the fun. *winks*
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Hiyas! So what's it like being a double-dipped Scorpio? :3
Sometimes there is personality conflict within someone whose moon and sun doesn't match (like mine). Is it any easier when it does? or does it get you into more trouble?
Heh - well, my Gemini rising supposedly tones down the both of them. But as far as the stereotype of the quintessential Scorpio goes, I do find myself drawn to the darker side of things - literally and figuratively. I do have obsessions that are almost compulsions, and I attract Pisceans subconsciously. Other than that, oddly enough, I'm really not the poster child of a Scorpio -

-I can't keep secrets for the life of me
-I'm not very quiet
-I wear my emotions on my sleeve
-I'm not very organized

..mm..that's probably it. What's your sun and moon?

I'm a Libra Sun; scorpio moon; and Sag rising.
Poor libra sun seems to get the short straw all the time as the other 2 seem to control my life.

About the only Libra remnants that show their faces are my desire for fairness and justice and my desire for art related things.
Ha ha. I'm a Scorpio Sun, Mercury, Venus and Jupiter, but my Gemini Ascendant makes all of those planets take a back seat. I can be a total chatterbox (borderline gossip), even when my insides are cringing and telling me to shut the f**k up. What degree(s) are your scorp sun, moon and gemini rising?
i have a friend with Gemini Sun and Scorpio Moon, ( though I am Scorpio Rising myself)

He IS secretive BUT disorganised. Any place he has ever lived and there has been a number of them ( Gemini) you walk in and there are books and bits of this and that papers, clothes everywhere - its not dirty - just chaotic.


Internal monologues? Smirks? Sensual foods (or the most unappetizing of meals that you relish in consuming in front of others)?

All I get to be is annoying and sarcastic. (Virgo Sun Scorp Moon.)
Haha - all of the above! Lots of internal monologues, almost uncontrollable smirking, and definitely sensual foods (sushi, sushi and more sushi).

Well, I think an earth sign can definitely tone down a Scorpio moon - which is supposedly obsessive and moody...yeah, that's about right.

HA ha! Try being a Pisces Sun and a DOUBLE Scorpio on top of that one! Lol! Talk about COMPLEX! :P
Wooo - what's that like? How do you be a piscean sun and a double Scorpio?

I have other Scorpio signs in my chart, but mostly minor planets: Mercury, and I think...mm...Neptune or Uranus? Something like that.
Lol! It's funny; I'm definitely into the arts/performing, psychology/parapsychology, and the supernatural/occult science, intuition mysteries, and such. I definitely have the "Scorpio" look (dark features-everyone says I look like Anne Hathaway which is actually a Scorpio Sun ^_^)It's also funny b/c you're quiet at the same time, while you make such a lasting impression on people, that they never forget you...even those you don't even know well enough oO'

The Pisces features psychically shows through my petite-ness, "wavish" hair, and your typical piscean "dreamy" eyes.

I was born 7 mins. after midnight on March 1st, which was actually a leap year. So the Moon was placed in Scorpio, while Scorpio was rising in the east as an Ascendant based on my birth time.
Also, I have a Scorpio Rx. in Pluto.
Oh yeah! I TOTALLY attract Scorpios too (as well as the Pisces population-totally water devoted!) I remember too that I also had a keen ideal to Scorpios too and I felt like I could relate; lond and behold I found out that I was actually 2/3 parts of that sign! LOL! That was like 3/4 years ago when I found out as I got deeper into Astrology.
Interesting. I was born 12:33 am on 3/1/1986, which was also a leap year. No Scorpio rising for me tho. Sag rising...I happen to have half of my planets in Sag as well.